Advanced Beginner Class

The advanced beginner class provides for more fine-tuned instruction on technique as well as introducing more complex actions. Novice students who wish to take their instruction further than the beginner's class may elect to take this course after mastery of the skills covered in beginner's class, with instructor approval.

This class is intended as an intermediary between the beginner class and the intermediate class. Subjects covered in the beginner class will be re-iterated with a focus on better technique and tactical considerations. New concepts and techniques will also be introduced to enhance the fencer's skill set and give them an edge in fencing bouts.

New concepts may include feint-disengages, second intention attacks and footwork, accelerated attacks, beat parries, body displacement, and much more. Students may take this class multiple sessions to cover all the additional material.

The Advanced Beginner class is currently held on:

  • Tuesdays 8:00pm – 9pm at Brownell Talbot School lower gym.