Beginner (Introductory) Class
You've watched the flashing blades in Zorro.... the dashing duels in The Princess Bride... now try it yourself! 
Learn the science and art of  fencing in just eight short weeks with the Omaha Fencing Club. Our introductory course will teach you the basics of attacking, defending, and scoring hits with a fencing blade.
Our next round of beginner's classes start Friday, August 13th at Montclair from 6 - 7pm. The Adult Beginner class starts on Wednesday, August 11th at Montclair from 8 - 9pm. 
This introductory 8-week course costs just $50 (plus a $10 annual membership to US Fencing).
All safety equipment is provided by Omaha Fencing Club. We only ask that students dress out in workout clothing and non-marking gym shoes. Open-toed shoes are not allowed. Track or sweat pants are recommended, but shorts will be allowed. We encourage you to wear a t-shirt, as you will be perspiring during class.

All participants must be registered members with U.S. Fencing (our national governing body). This is a non-competitive membership, which is $10 annually with the year starting anew on August 1st.

U.S. Fencing registration can be completed at US Fencing Member Signup. Select Non-Competitive membership for the $10 option.
Please bring proof of membership on the first day of class, or e-mail us at with your membership number. Returning members should renew their membership if registered prior to April 1st, 2021.
Cash, check or credit card on-site accepted for class fees.
Class starts at 6 pm, please arrive for the first class as early as you can so that registration and payment can be taken care of swiftly. We will also fit out students for gear during this time before class. Later weeks, we recommend arriving around 10 minutes before class start to find gear and to be prepared for class.
Most importantly, have fun! Our coaching staff is eager to teach everyone the fantastic sport of fencing. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask us in person or via e-mail.
En Garde. Ready? Fence!