Safety Rules

These Rules are to be observed whenever you fence. They exist for your safety and the safety of those around you. These rules are provided by the Omaha Fencing Club to ensure the safely of all who participate. Please observe these rules every time you fence.

Fencing Safety Rules

  • Never cross blades, for any reason, without first putting on your mask. This rule has no exceptions!
  • Most fencing injuries are from muscle, ligament and tendon trauma. Always warm up before fencing.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t step out onto the active floor without looking to be sure it’s safe.
  • When fencing, do not drive your opponent into the wall or a hazard in your eagerness to win a touch.
  • Inspect your weapon periodically; see that the blade’s curve is uniform and that the button is secure.
  • Be mindful of your fencing distance; don’t fence too close!
  • If you are repeatedly colliding with your opponent, stop fencing until you can correct the error.
  • Aggressive fencing is OK; violent uncontrolled fencing is not. Nothing you do should ever cause pain or harm.
  • When hit, don’t point at the area, but quickly acknowledge the touch in a loud, clear voice.
  • Equipment must fit properly; masks must fit snugly to the head and not wobble. If in doubt ask a coach for help with sizing.
  • Never point a weapon at someone who is not wearing a mask.
  • Observe caution when carrying weapons. Do not run with a weapon in your hands.
  • Always respect your opponent and observe fencing etiquette.
  • Respect the coaches and abide by their instructions and rules – they are there for your safety.
  • Please let the coaches know of any disabilities that may affect the method of your coaching.
  • If you break a blade please let one of the coaches know.
  • First, Last, and Always: Never cross blades -for ANY reason- without first putting on your mask!